"I joined 'CSC' to get unbiased, true information about our local/state/national political system and how it is being manipulated by politicians who do not have the American people and our Constitution in their best interest. We need to gain our country back one step at a time and 'CSC' is a grass roots start to that process."
Jerry L. Mathson
Albiero Plumbing, Inc.

"CSC keeps me informed about our local and political issues. The group is made up of hardworking and concerned citizens that will hold our elected officals accountable for their actions. Our elected officals need to bring back the common sense way of thinking and use it in the decision making process."
Matt Graf

"I joined CSC to try and preserve the current rights we have and get back the ones that have been lost. In the process it's been a learning curve for me and I've found myself educating others along the way! Stay strong on your beliefs, but keep an open mind."
Mike Otten
West Bend Elevator, Inc.

"As a political conservative, I feel that not enough attention has been focused on our local boards-even though they are responsible for a large portion of our tax burden, they generally receive little pressure from the taxpayers. CSC has an opportunity to help focus attention on various local issues, serve as a public watchdog and advocate on behalf of the average taxpayer."
Randy Marquardt

"I joined C.S.C. because enough is enough! Too much money is being wasted too often by to many government bodies. Local government is the way to make the biggest changes in the fastest possible way. We're mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore! If only this group had existed 10 years ago!"
Tim Cullen

"The main reason I joined CSC is to become more informed about local issus without all the media slant. The biggest asset to belonging to CSC is being ahead of the curve on local issues and learnng who to contact to make a difference."
John Backhaus

"I think CSC is a great information source for the 'Regular Joe' Tax paying common sense citizen. When educated by our local leaders, these citizens have the confidence to hold our local government accountable for the decisions that effect our communities. When informed we have the ability to protect our constitution and the country it was created for."
Scott Schneiberg

"A few years ago I was summoned by a like minded friend of mine to join him for what he promised to be an exercise worthy of my Tuesday evenings. He was spot on. It was one of the initial meetings of the yet to be named Common sense citizens. Although a move from the area prompted me end my participation in the meetings, I am energized and comforted in knowing that C.S.C.W.C. is now influencing public policy in Washington County and encouraging conservative, common sense minded citizens to run for office. These citizens are respectful of our Great Nation’s Constitution and mindful of the wishes of the people. This group is an illustration of what can be accomplished when local citizens band together to fight the grappling arms of political tyranny."
Tim Briscoe

"I joined Common Sense Citizens because I saw a group of individuals that have the same beliefs I have with following the Constitution. The Founding Fathers did a fantastic job in providing the correct amount of checks and balances to keep our great country as a functioning Republic. Recently, with liberal politicians taking over our government in 2006 and 2008 I saw what I always feared; a dramatic shift to take away the rights and freedoms that before us fought so hard to keep. Common Sense Citizens gave me the opportunity to join and work with people that feel like I do and instill those conservative values needed to keep our country great. From a local perspective, Common Sense Citizens has educated me with regard to local elections and policies, which was something I had never been concerned about before. I now realize that local issues are just a important as national issues."
John Callen

"Jim and I joined early in the summer of 2010 after another member, Bernie, told us about the meetings. He thought we might like to sit in on a meeting and see what it was all about. Since then, I think we may have missed only 3 or 4 meetings. For us, it is a twice monthly reminder that the silent majority is no longer content to sit back and be silent. We love the updates from our reps from various Govt. agencies and school boards, and the guest speakers are always informative and inspiring. We can’t wait to see who from this group will be the next to take an elected office."
Paula Jordan-Becker

"Because we Americans had become too busy, too self-involved, and too apathetic, we didn’t even realize just how severe the over-reaching of our government had become. Confronted with an increasingly dire situation, we flocked to tea parties and tuned into talk radio with a feverish concern, but that was only the first step. After attending the first Madison Tea Party, the realization came to me that I had to find a way to actually get involved.

I was thrilled to hear about Common Sense Citizens of Washington County, a group of people just like me, with a passion for patriotism and respect for the Constitution, who felt the need to stand up against the assault on our country by an out-of-control government. CSC has been the launch pad for many avenues of involvment; from volunteering in multiple election campaigns, organizing a local tea party, to running for local office. This is just the beginning for us.

As our group grows in numbers, the scrutiny and intimidation from those who oppose us will also grow. We must answer this challenge with redoubled efforts to stand firm, educate ourselves, stay involved, and encourage others to do the same. If we pursue this path, we cannot fail. Together, we the people will take our government back."
Marna Kurbat